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Treasury Bills
Treasury Bills

Short term debt securities issued by the Rebulic of the Philippines through the Bureau of Treasury (BTr).

Fixed Rate Treasury Notes

Fixed Rate Treasury Notes

FXTN have maturities that typically range from 2-25 years and offer investors a longer investment horizon.

Retail Treasury Bonds

Retail Treasury Bonds

RTBs are issued by the Philippine government to mobilze savings and encourage small investors to participate in the capital market.

Peso Corporate Bonds

Peso Corporate Bonds

These are medium to long-term investments issued by SEC-Registered Philippine corporations.

Dollar Corporate Bonds

Dollar Corporate Bonds

Dollar Corporate Bonds are debt securities issued by corporations with the principal and interest payments specified in U.S. dollars (USD).

At Unicapital, we offer fixed-income products that can provide diversity to our clients’ investments while providing a steady source of income with minimal risk.

Fixed income securities, often referred to as bonds or debt securities, are financial instruments that represent a loan made by an investor to an issuer. In return for this loan, the issuer agrees to pay the investor a predetermined interest rate over a specified period and return the principal amount at the end of the bond’s term. Fixed income securities are called “fixed income” because the interest payments are typically set at a fixed rate, although some may have variable or floating interest rates.

Our fixed income products include bonds, notes, and other debt securities issued by corporations, government entities and other organizations. We carefully select these products based on their creditworthiness, yield, and other factors to ensure that our clients receive the best possible returns with minimal risk. As such, this can be a good investment option for anyone looking to receive a regular stream of income, preserve their cash and benefit from their investments in the long term.

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Capital Preservation

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Treasury Bills (T-Bills)Fixed-Rate Treasury Notes (FXTN)Retails Treasury Bonds (RTB)Peso Corporate BondsDollar Corporate Bonds
Minimum InvestmentPHP 500,000PHP 500,000PHP 5,000PHP 500,000USD 200,000
Available Terms91 to 364 days2 to 25 years2 to 25 years91 to 364 days91 to 364 days
FeesMinimum of PHP 2,000Minimum of PHP 2,000Minimum of PHP 2,000Minimum of PHP 2,000USD 300
RateBased on prevailing market ratesBased on prevailing market ratesBased on prevailing market ratesBased on prevailing market ratesBased on prevailing market rates
SettlementT+1 (next business day)T+1 (next business day)T+1 (next business day)T+1 (next business day)T+1 (next business day)

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